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Bondi Kitchens is a contemporary kitchen joinery and furniture manufacturer, specializing in design solutions for modern lifestyles.
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Bondi Kitchens have strong focus on innovative design and are always learning at new technologies and materials to keep us at the top of the industry. Our joinery have a minimum life of 10 years so you are making a big investment and we want to make the right decision for you.


Our design process allows bespoke kitchens to be personalised to the clients needs including limitless design details and dimensions. Extending this level of service, are our skilled and stylish interior designers who can offer solutions for your home, office and of course budget. Bondi Kitchens can offer flexibility to suit your needs whilst not compromising the design integrity, attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship.


Extending our service to bathroom design and fabrication, Bondi Kitchens offer a holistic approach to any project. The bathroom is complicated and requires special consideration, with our multi-disciplinary team we plan and execute complex renovations with ease.


Organisation and logic is critical in the bedroom. With our factory setup for a broad spectrum of furniture manufacture, production of wardrobes are taken to the next level with highly sophisticated process's and technology, including integrated lighting solutions and hookless coat hangers. We offer a complete product to make your life easier.


Our team consisting of Interior and industrial designers backed with production and manufacturing experts result in a service that has the depth of knowledge not only based on aesthetics but tangible products. Linking our design studio to manufacturing within the one location, magic happens.


With our roots as a manufacturer we offer production to leading architects and designers. With exceptional attention to detail and understanding of critical project deadlines we have long standing relationships built on our ability to satisfy the most demanding project requirements.


Installing is the final step, this must be carried out to the most high level of detail, quality and efficiency. With demanding site conditions and our fully functioning factory providing support there is no installation obstacle too difficult to overcome.


Bondi Kitchens is committed to provide the best material, hardware and finishing in every project.

BLUM products

Blum products bring more fun and ease of use to kitchens, bathrooms and furniture. They make everyday furniture use easier because lift systems, cabinet doors and drawers open with a smooth glide and close with a single soft action.

Tactile Finishes

We believe our finishes are undeniably the most important aspect to our furniture. Working together with Polytec, Corian and Formica, we provide beautiful tactile finishes with durability, detail and vibrant colours. We also provide high quality polyurethane finishes as well.

High Quality Material

Material is the main thing of our joinery. We provide you the best material with moisture resistant. It will be easy to maintain, durable, and stain and scratch resistant.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you build your furniture.