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Bondi Kitchens is a contemporary kitchen joinery and furniture manufacturer, specializing in design solutions for modern lifestyles.
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Our reputation and innovative approach has become the characteristics of our brand. We are qualified, licensed and registered Joiners, so we offer our customers quality, security and seamless design solutions that give you confidence at every stage of the process. Our service is truly unmistakable – with our in-house research and development team we are constantly working on better and more refined joinery and hardware solutions everyday.

Our Team has worked across Italy, Greece, Asia and the US. Our worldly depth of knowledge is ingrained in our culture and shows in our products.


Conceptualising your project is extremely important, with our experienced interior design team we sculpt the perfect furniture for your space.


Exceptional design combined with expert european class manufacturing at one location ensures a level of quality not yet seen in Australia.


Our experienced in house installation team ensure every detail is followed through from the original design intention. This is where our highly skilled team bring your project to life.


Process is very important in the design and manufacturing sector. Creating a robust system that predicts and manages all aspects of a project is critical. We have had many years working alongside the best in the industry and through this experience have adopted processes that are now the backbone to our thinking and operations. With our most significant difference seen more commonly in europe we link our design studio to manufacturing facility within the one location. The benefits of this breeds a fluid transition from idea to outcome.

STEP 1 – Initial Briefing

Every client is important and we make the same effort regardless of the size of a project. We always consider the first step as the most important. Understanding the clients daily routine and requirements sets the precedence for the project. Several design based meetings may be required depending on its complexity.

STEP 2 – Concept

Developing a meaningful yet concrete design is our expertise. We have an in-depth manufacturing knowledge so when we design we know exactly how it will be constructed. With in-house interior designers / industrial designers and expert manufacturers your design is integrated seamlessly with your environment.

STEP 3 – Laser Measuring

Accurate site measurement is very crucial to the final outcome of the project. We take pride in surveying all aspects and intricate details of your site with advanced laser metering technology with our brand new Bluetooth capabilities we are able to immediately record this information via the PC so nothing is lost through human error.

STEP 4 – Shop Drawing

The design is under a constant state of refinement and we produce architectural standard shop drawings that cover every detail so there is full transparency of the design before construction. We work in both 2D and 3D software so all aspects of the project are considered before construction commences. This speeds up the manufacturing process that ultimately means we can deliver the furniture much more efficiently.

STEP 5 – Manufacture & Installation

Our expert manufacturing team and brand new facility provide exceptional quality and attention to detail. With state of the art CNC machining and dedicated polishing facility our service is extremely efficient providing support to our experienced site team. Installation is the most difficult and most important step in the process. We carry a whole range of tools and equipment specifically for Installation so there is no hurdle we cannot overcome. With electricians, plumbers, tilers, painters, plasters and various other specific trade operating under the Bondi Kitchens team we have all aspects of your project covered.


Bondi Kitchens is backed up by high quality product suppliers that are well known and highly regarded in the industry.